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12th August 2011

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It Dawns On Miguel Olivo - Lookout Landing →


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Vargas: /looks in
Vargas: /shakes head
Vargas: /shakes head
Vargas: /shakes head
Olivo: /calls for time
Olivo: /approaches mound
Olivo: What’s the deal?
Vargas: I just can’t figure out which pitch I want to throw here.
Olivo: Well, what’s the situation? It’s a 1-2 count, right?
Vargas: Yeah.
Olivo: Then I think changeup, low, out of the zone.
Vargas: Are you sure?
Olivo: Very sure.
Vargas: Why out of the zone?
Olivo: You’re ahead in the count.
Vargas: But don’t I want to throw a strike?
Olivo: You can get a strike by making the hitter swing at a ball.
Vargas: Will he do that?
Olivo: He might do that.
Vargas: What if he hits it?
Olivo: That’s not a big deal.
Vargas: Why isn’t that a big deal?
Olivo: It’s usually fine when hitters hit balls.
Vargas: How come?
Olivo: Balls are harder to hit well than strikes.
Vargas: Really?
Olivo: Yeah. Think about the swing path.
Olivo: It’s really difficult to make solid contact with a pitch outside of that rectangle.
Vargas: So…
Vargas: So let me get this straight:
Olivo: Sure.
Vargas: Hitters can hit strikes really hard.
Vargas: But they usually can’t hit balls really hard.
Vargas: If they can hit them at all.
Olivo: Right.
Vargas: So sometimes I should throw balls on purpose…
Vargas: …just to mix things up, and see if the hitter will swing…
Vargas: …because it’s good for me, as a pitcher, when a hitter swings at a ball?
Olivo: Right.
Vargas: Got it.
Olivo: We done here?
Vargas: We’re done here.
Olivo: /walks away
Olivo: /pauses
Olivo: Heyyyyyyyyyyyy
Vargas: /flashes thumbs-up to dugout

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10th July 2011

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Jeter congrats

Congrats to Jeter. Also the fan who caught the ball and then gave it back to him.

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5th July 2011

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MR 3,000?????

                     The number 2,996, for a couple weeks, has taunted Jeter. He is obviously not who he used to be. Jeter was once compared to Pete Rose for his great contact, and Barry Bonds for his power. Now Jeter is batting .260 with only 2 homers. He has been a failure for the Yankees this season.

                   The Yankees, last off-season, made a Thank You Deal with him for helping them win a lot of their World Serious. No wonder their General Manger is probably going to be fired.

                   Now talks about Jeter being demoted from his leadoff spot are just terrible. He will be demoted for bunt singling Brett Gardner who is playing way over his head. Then after they promote Nunez and say he can only play against lefties where he is batting .299 (only 69 at bats), the organization will probably apologize to Jeter after Garder bats .200 with no steals. I feel bad for Derek Jeter for the lack of faith that will come from the fans and the organization.

                 One last thing about Mr. 3,000. Yes, Jeter will get his 3,000 hit soon but, for now he has to learn some basics if he wants to stay another two years in his hometown. First don’t over work yourself. Your 37, you are at the end of your Era, why run so hard when you just hit a pop fly. You don’t want to injure yourself (might help the team but whatever).

                 That’s all I will ever really write about Jeter’s Problem.       


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4th July 2011

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General Rockies Info

 The Rockies had a 500% month going 14-12. The month was very disappointing because they were playing there rivals from their division, for more then half the month. As you see they did not gain much ground and are still 6 and a half games back to win their division. As a Rockies fan and I think I’m speaking for all Rockies fans, what happened to Jimenez.
            Jimenez Starting the month 0-5, I have become less confident in his skills. He walks as bad as Jason giambi trying too steal third! Jimenez has no control in his fastball, and slider. He has walked a total of 39 people so far and pitched to about 350 batters. If Jimenez wants to keep his role as a young stud he has to pitch like it. Last season there were rumors that Jimenez would be traded. I was in favor of the Rockies trading him to help Jorge de La Rosa (and know Chacin). The Rockies could have got a great prospects like Zach Britton and Adam jones for him, but thats in the past and Jim Tracy blew it again.
            On the other hand Chacin has been one of the best pitchers in baseball.(Even though he ends up a snub for the all star game) In June he went 3-1 in four outings. Chacin has been a strikeout machine striking out an average of 6 people a game and has a 3.10 ERA. The young stud will turn in to something great when he’s older but, now i’m expecting his slump as a new rookie.
            In reliving situations Huston Street has been decent with 23 saves and a 3.46 ERA. There is not much to say about him expect his goofy throw and yep, thats about it…. Maybe he should grow a beard.
          The bullpen has been frustrating at times. Matt Daley suffered a minor injury but still landed on the DL, Matt Belisle our best RP has a 3.55 ERA relatively high for him from last season where he had a 2.93 ERA. Another Rp who has played bad is Rafael Betancourt, all I got to say is 4.73 ERA and he is 36 years old. One of are only young relief pitchers Rex Brothers, has a good Era for a rookie, (I think a rookie) 3.48 but has a whopping high 1.94 whip. Settle down Brothers and just pitch like a great young stud that you are.
       Know you guys who are reading my blog will probably tune off now so, I guess I will get to hitting.
        We all know about how great troy his and his out of universe contract. But, I have a problem with consistent play from him. He started off so hot in april where he had 7 homers out of his 17 that he has now, July 3. Troy batted a good .298 in April but in May batted .206. Troy now has a low .276 average  and only has 57 RBI. Needless to say Troy has been a disappointing factor and has to pick up the pace if the Rockies what to contend for a playoff spot. Now the other stud hitter in the Rockies lineup……. Chris Blackmon…… ya funny i’ll talk about him in another blog.
        Cargo has picked up the bat and clobbered the ball of late. In june he hit .349 and had 4 homers in 109 at bats. His speed did not lack either he had 6 SB. The only problem with cargo is that he has stroke out 70 times in 310 at bats!!!!!! The good thing is that I know your problem Cargo……. STOP SWINGING AT SLIDERS AND CURVES IN THE DIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s ridiculous how many times you swing out sliders in the dirt. I would say about 40 of those 70 were sliders in the dirt! Thats about it just one more thing for this blog that I have been so pissed off about, Herrera. He was a ticking time bomb and  know exploded……… in a bad way.
      He had a ridiculous high on base percentage of .424 batted .300, had 15 walks, and 4 steals. That was it for him, at the end of July he was benched for Mark Ellis and is batting .243 with still only 4 steals!! He has 10 RBI, 2 HR, a one base percentage of .317 and 21 walks. What happened!!!!! What happened was he was playing ridiculously above his head and got every one excited, and now went back to his 5-9 self.
          Thank you for reading my complaining article and go Rockies!!!!!! I will have more Rockies news later in the month. For other baseball fans from other teams, I will have general news don’t you worry.

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